Payment method:


- by bank card at the website of the Internet store as the order is made

Payment by bank card at the website of the Internet store is processed through the authorization server of the Bank processing centre using bank cards of the payment systems listed below:

  • VISA International
  • MasterCardWorldwide
  • American Express
  • Maestro
  • MIR

In order to make the payment, the Buyer is required to provide the details of the bank card. The transfer of this information is performed in conformity with all required safety measures. The data will be communicated only to the Bank's authorization server via a secure channel (TLS protocol). The information is transmitted in an encrypted form and is stored only on a specialized server of the payment system. The Seller does not know and does not store the information related to the bank card of the Buyer.

Special aspects of using a card online for the purchase order.

  1. In accordance with the Regulation on the emission of payment cards and on bank card transactions, approved by the Bank of Russia, dated December 24, 2004 No. 266-P, the operations involving the use of a bank card are made by the card holder.
  2. Authorization of bank card transactions is performed by a bank. If the bank has the grounds to believe that the operation has a fraudulent character, the bank has the right to refuse the operation. Fraudulent transactions with bank cards fall within Article 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.

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