We have been making furniture since 2017

MAGOFCC brand produces hand-finished furniture from highly valuable wood, integrating metal and lighting elements. We create modern designs using our knowledge and the world’s most environmentally friendly material – wood. We use the wood types that grow in the Caucasus, where we live and create our designs.


In addition to performing their basic aesthetic functions, all furniture items of MAGOFCC brand collections are high-tech vehicles equipped with mechanisms and designed for mass production in line with the tradition of industrial modernism and consumer design.

MAGOFCC studio

Panel sizing saw
The tool to ensure accurate shapes and standard furniture dimensions

“ In good design functionality is always primary, irrespective of forms. But it should not oppress emotions. ”

Giorgio Saporiti


Wood is one of the most important materials used by MagoFCC in furniture manufacturing. In human experience, wood means the memory of the world, where tangible, visible time has been imprinted gradually, along with cracks and scratches.


MagoFCC furniture also invites tactile experience created by the designers in the difference of surfaces.



Thomas Yorke once said the most important things about music was in giving voice to the things that had never had it before. Ordinary furniture items do not have their voice in the interior. MAGOFCC furniture items find their expression.